Why Pay Full Price?

By Paul Cowley, Founder, President, & Creative Director

The other day, I felt a heightened sense of frustration and disbelief with what’s being played out in the media with regard to filling our country’s highest position. I’m not going to get political on you, but it spurred me to Google, “Average American”. It’s not pretty.  Above is only one sample of what I found.

How in the world have we come to this? Our “brand,” if you will, as a country is being tarnished around the world right before our eyes. How did we get here? I have a theory.

American’s have been led to believe they are entitled to be paid the very most for the least amount of effort no matter what their skill level. American’s insist on the very best that money can buy without ever paying full price. That attitude forces companies to outsource production to satisfy this belief, consequently finding the average American out of a job because of their own, self-entitled demands.

EVERYONE cannot possibly “HAVE IT ALL”. Why? Because everyone is not born with the same capacity to produce.

Here’s my solution: Everyone works, if they are able, and is paid a wage that is commensurate with his or her skillset. Humble up and take pride in what you do, all work is good work. Live within your means. Save what you can. Buy 90% ‘Made in America,’ pay a fair price for everything no more, no less. Pay a tax that is truly commensurate with your income and household dependents with NO loopholes to pay less than your fair share to any person or entity.  

You want to save the USA from itself, pay full price and buy American.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! America, it’s worth the price!


Image Credit: David Horsey at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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